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Behavioral Counceling

Most, if not all, behavioral problems can be a stressful situation for your pet as well as for you. You can consult our veterinarians and they can suggest a wide range of tools such as simple behavioral training classes to pheromone treatments. With the proper care and perseverance, many of the behavioral problems can be solved.

Behavior problems can be due to medical or behavioral causes. A clinical history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing will determine if there are underlying medical conditions contributing to the problem. Although there may be a single cause for a behavioral problem, it is often the combined effect of the environment and learning, on the pet's mental and physical health that determines behavior.

List of Common Behavioral Problems
Aggression to Animals or Humans
Behavior Problems of Older Pets
Canine Fears and Phobias -- Fireworks, Thunderstorm & More
Destructiveness -- Chewing & Digging
Excessive Nocturnal Activity
Excessive Scratching
Excessive Vocalization
House Soiling
Introductions to a New Baby
Introductions to New Home
Puppy Biting
Running Away
Separation Anxiety
Socializing Problems
Travel Related Problems


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