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On-Site Laboratory

Our on site, state of the art Idexx laboratory gives our veterinarians great tools in diagnosing your pet's health problems. This laboratory can provide full lab results in less then 30 min.


How does your on-site Lab help my pet?


The Lab is fully integrated with our practice management software. Our state of the art lab helps provide our patients with fast and accurate diagnosis. Once testing is authorized a message is sent to our lab machines, where a technician is waiting. The technician will know the type of testing and type of sample needed before the patient arrives in the treatment area.


Once the sample is collected the patient is returned to you the pet parent or placed in our treatment area for further monitoring or treatments. This system greatly reduces the stress on the patient and provides a fast and accurate diagnosis.


What type of testing is done at your on-site lab?


  • Urine Analysis (Including Chemical, Physical, and Microscopic Urine Testing)

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Blood Typing & Cross Matching

  • Blood Chemistry

  • Blood Electrolyte
  • Blood Smears
  • Cytology
  • Heartwrom Test
  • Feline Lukiemia Test
  • Feline AIDS testing
  • Thyroid Blood Test
  • Phenobarbitol Test
  • Fecal Test (Stool Test).
  • Giardia Test


Why preventative blood screening?


Too often, aging pets fall victim to a disease that could have been prevented had the proper blood testing been done on a regular basis. Pets can age up to 7 times faster than people, because of this dramatic health changes can occur in a very short amount of time. Furthermore your pet may not show the signs of an early disease but an annual blood screening may be able to pick up slight chemical changes in the body. In most cases an early diagnosis & treatment can help your pet live a longer and healthier life.


Why is blood testing needed before anesthesia?


Blood testing will provide our veterinarians with an in depth look at your pet's internal organ functions. It is extremely important to make sure your pet's organs are normal prior to being anesthetized. This will greatly reduce any anesthetic risk during surgery & sedation.


What if my pet needs a test that is not done onsite?


Sometimes a patient may need a special test that is not done onsite. In those cases we will collect the appropriate sample and send it to our IDEXX Reference lab. They have some of the best pathologists in the country analyzing your our pet's samples.  Most results are back within 24 hours. In some cases that require cytology, culture or histopathology may take a few days. Once the results are reviewed you will receive a call from our staff.


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