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Wellness Exams

Why Biannual Wellness Exams?


We at Aborn Pet Hospital recomend that all animals should receive biannual wellness exams for early disease detection. Pets can age up to seven times faster then people. For this reason dramatic health changes can occur in a very short ammount of time.


Unfortunately, many pets don't see the veterinarian as often as they should. Taking your dog or cat to a veterinarian once a year compares to a person seeing a doctor or dentist just once every seven years!  A biannual wellness exam allow us to provide early detection of disease and the best possible healthcare to your pet.


What does a Biannual Examination include?


These biannual exam provide your pet with a full head to tail examination, including a checkup of Nose, Throat, Mouth, Teeth, Gum, Eyes, Ears, Coat, Skin, Lymph Nodes, Legs, Paws, Back, Nervous system, Heart, Lungs, Gi Tract, Urinary tract & Genitals. 


A Plan for a Better & Longer Life!


As pet owners we have a responsibility to keep our pets healthy. The best way to fulfill this responsibility is by enrolling your pet in one of our six Wellness Plans. Remember there is no better gift than a healthy and happy life. Click here to learn more about our Platinum Wellness Plans.



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