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Platinum Wellness Plans

Small animal care has changed dramatically in the last few years. Coupled with technology new procedures, veterinary science has found ways to bring a new, higher level of healthcare to your companion. With these advancements in veterinary medicine comes increased cost. As caring veterinary healthcare professionals we want to provide your pet with a high level of healthcare at the lowest cost possible. By choosing one of the four wellness plans you can increase your pet?s life by 10 to 25 %. Each plan gives your pet the healthcare your pet needs ? At a price that fits your budget. With these plans you can pay as you go and save up to 50 %.


  • Protects your Pet Fom Preventable Diseases.
  • Detecting Abnormalities Early.
  • Keeps the Cost of Healthcare Down and Avoids Large Bills.
  • A Plan for a Better and Longer Life.
  • High Quality Healthcare, at Great Savings!

  • A Healthcare Plan for Every Pet

  • A healthcare Plan that Fits Your Budget.


Why Choose Our Wellness Plan Over Insurance?

Insurance helps your pet when they have unanticipated accidents
or healthcare problems. Our wellness plans are tailor made to
provide routine medical services & provide your pet with a high
level of preventative healthcare. Pet health Insurance, has you
pay your veterinarian upfront. At the sametime you still pay there
monthly fees and then they reimburse you 30 to 90 days later.
With our wellness plan your companion will have a plan for a better
and longer life, and you pay as you go without the need for
reimbursements. Our platinum wellness plan provides a high level
of preventative veterinary medicine at great savings to you.


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